Virtual Reality has come to New Orleans! Well at least VR has now come to nolaforever.com. One of the main passions in creating this site was to give people a virtual tour of New Orleans, Louisiana, and the surrounding Gulf Coast Area. But one of the limitations of a flat […]

VR (Virtual Reality) New Orleans!!!

Jazz, Blues, Zydeco and Folk?! Yup New Orleans is home to all types of Music and not just the types that are tied to the heart of this city. New Orleans is a melting pot of music that also includes banjos, fiddles and of course moonshine.     Photos by: NOLA4ever Enjoy […]

Random Acts of Music: A Little Folk

On a previous trip to the Fringes of the French Quarter, we visited Dauphine, Burgundy. And on that episode, it might have appeared that there wasn’t much to do in that area. However when you head over to the other side of the fringes near Canal Street, things come alive! […]

Fringes of the French Quarter Part 2

“EVERYONE YOU HAVE KNOWN OR EVER WILL KNOW, EVENTUALLY ENDS UP AT THE OLD ABSINTHE HOUSE” -Old Absinthe House That’s the motto for the Old Absinthe House and it’s been a staple of the famous or maybe infamous bar on Bourbon since 1807. Despite the name, pure Absinthe is illegal […]

Old Absinthe House

Fishing Capital of the World! That’s quite a claim for any place especially one with a population of less than 300 in the Deep, Deep South. New Orleans is considered to be in the deep south but go down further and you’ll discover a place called Venice. Named after the […]

Down the Deep, Deep, Deep South in Venice

Restaurants and Bars…there’s no shortage of them in the French Quarter, but the ones we love are like “Comfort” Food. Felix’s Restaurant and Oyster Bar rises above the sea of Foodie offerings in the Quarter, but what makes it a place that you’ll come back to over and over again? That’s […]

Felix’s Restaurant and Oyster Bar: Comfort Seafood

Anyone visiting New Orleans or Louisiana might have heard of the Majestic Plantations on the Mississippi River Road. Historic plantations are littered throughout New Orleans, Louisiana, and the South in general. At one point, the wealthiest people in the United States lived along the River Road. However one colorful plantation […]

The “San Francisco” Gem on River Road

As you can probably already tell, the French Quarter is the Heart of New Orleans Music. But not only is the French Quarter known for its musicality, but it’s also physically built for it. Walk down the streets of the Quarter and once you catch those Random Acts of Music, […]

Random Acts of Music: Awesome Acoustics!

There’s only One Superdome and One New Orleans and when you put those two things together you have something Spectacular! One cannot talk about New Orleans without talking about the Superdome and there’s a lot to talk about when it comes to the “Dome.” For more than 30 years, the […]

Superdome Spectacular

Second Line is a Tradition that represents the Best of New Orleans all in one small parade. For people who’ve never been to New Orleans, Second Line might seem odd at first. You’ll see a small parade of music and revelers dancing through the streets with parasols in hand. When […]

Random Acts of Music: Second Line Parade