Cool Kids Cook ? So with the explosion of Foodie channels, sites, and celebrities, is there any more room for something unique and creative? The answer to that is yes and it comes from the most unlikely place… Kids. Kid chefs have been an unexpected result of the Foodie revolution […]

Cool Kids Cook

Now, Let’s Talk About Good Cajun Cooking! Now, there are Good titles for books and then there are “GOOOOD” titles. Talk About Good tells you everything you need to know about the book…it’s that good! Besides River Road Recipes, Talk About Good is a book that every passionate Louisiana cook […]

How to Talk About Good!

River Road Recipes: Creole¬†Perfection! When Louisianians think of the “Bible” of Louisiana Cooking, one timeless book is always mentioned: River Road Recipes. There are two books which everyone whose Louisianian should have in their kitchen with River Road Recipes being the definitive guide for Creole Cooking and Talk About Good […]

River Road Recipes Creole Cuisine Perfected