Brunch and People Watching? ! Besides Beads and Beer, two of the most popular activities in New Orleans are Brunch and People Watching. Let’s start with Brunch which is a combination of Breakfast and Lunch. Brunch originated in England around the late 1800’s and since has become a part of […]

Daisy Dukes: Brunch and People Watching

Hole in the Wall…the search for that place that satisfies both your Hunger and Heart. What makes these types of places so special? Typically, a Hole in the Wall is often older, smaller, and virtually unknown to outsiders. But why do people seek out these places and keep coming back […]

Majoria’s Commerce Neighborhood Diner

Besides Mardi Gras, New Orleans in known for its abundance of Food and Bars. There’s probably more choices on where to eat or drink in the French Quarter alone than there are in some cities! Whatever type of Restaurant you prefer, whether it’s Fine Dining or even Franchises(what’s wrong with […]

Hobnobber’s Hidden Breakfast

Beer and Beads…sounds like a Perfect match just like Peanut Butter and Jelly except with the special ingredient of FUN!!! There’s absolutely no shortage of Bars and Restaurants in the French Quarter, but there’s only ONE that actually makes their own Beer. Crescent City Brewhouse is the special place where […]

Crescent City Brewhouse

Do you Beignet? Beignet (or Been-yeah for everyone else) is literally French-style doughnuts, but it’s officially awesome! Iconic as Cafe Du Monde is, it’s actually the Beignets that make it an international destination and as a matter of fact, the Beignet became the official state doughnut in 1986. Pretty amazing […]

Cafe Du Monde Beignets! Beignets! Beignets!

Superbly Spanish! Presentation, Presentation, Presentation is the word that comes to mind when I think of Galvez Restaurant similar to how real estate agents think of Location, Location, Location. However, the location is what might cause people to miss this gem of fine dining. Galvez Restaurant is located next to […]

Galvez Restaurant: Superb Spanish Fine Dining